Emergence Vector Tutorial

Welcome to Emergence Vector. Emergence Vector is an experiment in making a highly emergent game world. You can think of it as an attempt to make a super-simulated sandbox game like Dwarf Fortress, this time as a real time combat MMO located in 80's "Arcade Space." It's a work in progress, but even now there's an online alpha that you can try.

Combat Controls

Control ship with WSAD / arrow keys: left or right to steer ship; up to thrust ship; down for anti-missile lightning

Missile Controls

Press Shift to lock target. (Tip: You can use the RADAR for long range sniping.) When an is enemy locked on, press Space to fire up to 4 missles. Re-lock to fire more missiles.

Shield and Energy

Blue indicates Shield level, the health of the ship. Yellow indicates Energy level, allowing you to shoot and boost. Red indicates energy recharge rate, how much energy to recharge. Maneuvering and firing weapons use up a lot of energy. Note that the fastest recharge of both shields and energy happens at around 30% and falls off rapidly below that, so don't let your Shields or Energy get too low, if you want to avoid being helpless and vulnerable. Chart of recharge rate is shown below


Going to Hyperspace

To enter hyperspace, fly into a stargate.

Hyperspace mode

When in hyperspace, move carefully because you can't recharge energy.

Exiting hyperspace

To exit hyperspace, fly into a star's "Hyperspace Singularity."